Course disclaimer and handbook

June 21, 2023


In order to maintain the quality of our provision we reserve the right to cancel or amend courses where necessary especially when insufficient enrolments mean that the course is no longer viable. In such circumstances and where possible alternative provision will be offered.

Assessment of Adult Learning provision in Welsh or English

In 2016 we asked people in Cardiff about their preferences for Welsh Language Adult Community Learning:  Ask Cardiff Residents Survey 2016.

The majority of learners questioned showed a preference for courses to be delivered in English.

Following this survey we have monitored the number of learners who have selected the option for each course to be delivered in Welsh.  Where a majority of learners in a class make this choice we will provide the class in Welsh, or if we have sufficient Welsh speaking learners to make up a separate class, this option will also be considered.

Our Learning for Life classes are currently delivered in English, some Learning for Work courses are delivered in Welsh.

As part of the Cardiff and Vale Community Learning Partnership our partner, Menter Caerdydd, has an excellent programme of courses and activities it delivers in Welsh.

The Council supports learners to undertake their courses in Welsh and English, and will provide courses in Welsh should there be sufficient demand in the future.