GetOnline week 14-20 October

Great news! We have just launched our events for ‘Get Online Week 2019’! Keep your eyes peeled as we will be announcing them soon…

Meet The Team

Hi! Welcome to our new website. Here you can browse our courses, find our events or contact one of our advisors if you have further questions.

The Wood Fairies

Pencaerau Primary School and Cardiff Council Adult Learning have been working in partnership to deliver Healthy Cookery, Photography, IT, Plumbing, Woodworking and Interior and  Interior Design classes for parents.

Parents Learning Group

A group of enthusiastic learners at Cathays High School and National Inspire Award Winners!

Daxa Narane – Learner, local Inspire Award winner

For her courage, perseverance, enthusiasm, hard work, but also fun with learning, Daxa has won a local Inspire Award.

Lilian Nicholls – Learner, Course Rep, Volunteer

Over the past three years, she achieved accreditations.

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