December 20, 2019

DICE offers a number of recreational courses for adults with high support needs. Courses include, Art & Craft, Pottery, Dance and African Hand Drumming.

African Hand Drumming

Learners are encouraged to find out about different drumming techniques & styles from Latin to Afro-Cuban.

Art & Craft

This course encourages learners to make choices and experiment making a variety of different things and try various techniques. It allows learners to experience painting, print making, collage, weaving and sewing . Students can take all their creations home.

Discovering Art

This course gives students the opportunity to learn how to draw, design and make prints.

Craft Pick & Mix

This course enables learners to learn skills around various craft areas.

Let's Dance

This course is taught through participation. Students will have the opportunity to get stronger and more flexible moving to music. Students can practice keeping in time with the music, learning new movements and sequences of moves (dance routines).


This course provides learners with a good understanding of the basics of the different ways of producing studio pottery.

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