Rhys Humphries

July 2, 2019

Photo of Rhys HumphriesRhys has been a fantastic example of a learner overcoming mental health issues through his own volition and commitment.

Rhys has a severe long term mental health condition which has presented a number of challenges for him in returning to learning within the DICE (Disability Inclusion in Community Education) programme and subsequently progressing onto voluntary work in Central Library Hub.

He began by enrolling on a DICE CLAIT course.

By Rhys’ own admission this course helped him improve in his confidence with IT and better perform later on in his volunteering role. His confidence increased so much that he moved onto the ECDL course with the mainstream Learning for Work programme, which was a massive progression for someone with mental health difficulties.


Rhys commented


“I started learning with DICE to improve my skills with Information Technology and increase my own self-confidence. I also wanted to improve my CV with a view to getting a job. I have met many new people on the courses I have attended and increased my social skills as well as learning a lot about IT. Since starting the courses I have completed CLAIT with DICE and have since moved onto ECDL with the Learning for Work programme, it has been challenging but very rewarding.

The courses also helped to increase my efficiency and skills in my volunteering role in Cardiff Central Library, on the Digital Floor. This is a very challenging role on a very busy department that often means dealing with people who can be quite difficult at times, and the courses have helped me to become more confident in dealing with these situation.

Before starting with these courses and with my volunteering role I was lacking in confidence and found it difficult to look for work, but with my experience attending ACL courses, it has helped increase my confidence in myself and I am now keen to progress further.  I am now planning to attend future courses on computer coding with a view to pursuing a job”