Katherine Dutson

July 2, 2019

Photo of Katherine Dutson and her dogBefore Katherine attended a DICE course she felt socially isolated and unable to interact with other people. The DICE programme enabled her to access a range of courses for adults with either a physical impairment or mental health issues. She very quickly achieved success gaining a CLAiT diploma and progressed onto an ECDL course with      Learning for Work programme. Kathryn also enrolled on a DICE Photography and Art course. A lady she met on the photography course, is now Kathryn’s best friend.

The impact of gaining new skills and hobbies had a positive effect on Kathryn’s confidence and self-esteem. Her life changed dramatically for the better. Kathryn lives more  independently with her husband in a specially adapted bungalow. She is supported by Tadleigh, Kathryn’s assistance dog. He helps Kathryn with routine, daily tasks such as, retrieving the phone and emptying the washing machine.

Kathryn’s future looks good. She now attends a Learning for Life, Patchwork and Embroidery course.  Kathryn’s P.A. assists her to access more physical activities, such as Pedal power. She has passed her driving test and is looking for a specially adapted car. Kathryn feels more confident and accomplished. She has achieved an Open University   degree and is volunteering as a receptionist at Radio Cardiff.

She is a true inspiration to anyone with a disability, who has accessed learning and progressed.