June 5, 2019

Benefits and Profits of Adult Learning at Pencaerau Primary School

Pencaerau Primary School and Cardiff Council Adult Learning have been working in partnership to deliver Healthy Cookery, Photography, IT, Plumbing, Woodworking and Interior and  Interior Design classes for parents.

For this group the benefits of learning are not just to learn new skills. The parents talk about personal outcomes, such as increased confidence, improved mental health, knowing where to go next and making new friends.

Oh and there’s also some hard cash!

The Woodworking for Social Enterprise class “The Wood Fairies” used their            creativity and their newly acquired skills with hammer and saw to produce a range of products, which they successfully sold for profit at the school’s annual Fayre.

They came as strangers, left as friends, with new skills under their belt and money in their school’s pocket! Well done “The Wood Fairies of Pencaerau”

One parent describes how the courses have positively affected her life:

“Without the courses I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I suffer with anxiety, panic disorder and depression and because of those I spent a long time stuck in my house when my youngest daughter was very small. Gradually I started going out again, which is when I started to come to the school to attend a woodwork course. My confidence started to bloom again and I came back for more courses. They are amazing and I am learning so many new skills. I have gained more and more confidence and self-belief. Another major part is the friendships and support that I have gained.  I love the variety of the courses as there is always something new to learn and take on.”

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