June 4, 2019

Val - a learner of Cardiff Council Adult Learning Service

Val is a learner of Cardiff Council Adult Learning Service and a trained Community Learning Rep.

She also volunteers as classroom support at Severn Road Centre.

In her own words, Val tells us what Adult Learning means to her:

“My journey into Adult Learning started when I was made redundant from my job of 40 years. I’d worked with hundreds of people and became quite depressed at the thought of being home all day. A chance remark by an acquaintance led me to Severn Road Centre, which since then has been like a second home for me.

I had no qualifications when I left school. Thanks to Severn Road, I gained GCSE in Maths and English, CLAIT certificates and I won a senior learner award. I tried lots more classes, for example singing and art, which I still attend now. I am also a qualified Community Learning Rep (CLR) and an active member of the Global Community Learning Reps Group, promoting learning and ESDGC (Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship) .

Being part of Severn Road gave me lots of confidence and awareness of the needs of different cultures and also learners with additional learning needs. I gained enough confidence to become a volunteer in a DICE (Disability Inclusion in Community Education) class providing additional learning support.

Helping other learners has made such a difference to my life.

All thanks to the wonderful World of Adult Education”.


Val Mahoney

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