June 4, 2019

A group of enthusiastic learners at Cathays High School and National Inspire Award Winners!A group of enthusiastic learners at Cathays High School and National Inspire Award Winners!

As part of her role as teaching assistant in Cathays High School, Christina Roy, had been supporting a group of parents, who in 2014, had started a reading group supported by the local library. The aim was to encourage reading in the community to increase literacy skills that would enable parents to help their children at home. The Parents Learning Group was created to build a link between the school and the community. The group has grown and developed Basic Literacy with ESOL sessions. Working in close partnership with the school, the group has helped with fund raising and community development activities.

In June 2017 Christina approached Cardiff Council ACL and a successful partnership developed. As ACL tutor she now delivers confidence building, childcare and digital literacy courses at the school.

The Parent Learning Group was nominated for and has won the prestigious Learning & Work Institute “Closing the Gap” Award.

As if this was not enough to celebrate, two of the learners have also won a local Inspire Award.

This successful partnership has resulted in learners being enthusiastic about their learning and inspiring others. With increased confidence some have gone on to volunteer within the school or their community and some have used their skills to apply for and successfully find jobs.

Christina says, “If the parents feel confident and qualified, then they can pass on similar values to their children”.


Well done Christina Roy and Cathays High School Parents Learning Group on your well-deserved award. It’s a pleasure to support you in your endeavours.

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