June 4, 2019

Lilian Nicholls - Learner, Course Rep, Volunteer Lil had been working as an administrator for the NHS before she was made redundant just before her son was born. The years staying at home as a mum and primary carer for her son, who is on the autistic spectrum, took their toll on her confidence to apply for work and find a new career. Wishing to improve her employability and to mix socially and make friends, she enrolled on a computer course at Severn Road Adult Centre. This was about seven years ago.

Initially Lil attended only one IT class a week. Then wishing to support her son academically and to understand his additional needs, Lil embarked on a string a health care and childcare courses offered by Cardiff Council Adult Community Learning. Her ultimate goal is to work with children with additional education needs in the next two years.

Her learning record is truly amazing.

Over the past three years, she achieved accreditations at Level 1 and 2 in ECDL, Introduction to Health & Social Care, Care Options, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Working in Retail, Managing Children’s Behaviour, Working with Children with Additional Needs, Play and Child Development, Child Psychology, Learning Support and Teaching Assistant.

Lil feels it is easier to learn when you are older, because there is no pressure like in school, where, in her experience, teachers focused more on high achievers. Now learning is by choice, it is something she wants to do, something she enjoys doing.

Her son first though it is funny mum “going back to school” and is now really proud of his mum pursuing her goals.

Her confidence soaring and fully appreciating the benefits of learning Lil now acts as course rep in her classes and supports tutors by volunteering in our Learning for Work classes.

Lil is positive “Looking after my son and caring for an elderly mum, working towards my goals takes longer, but it is certainly achievable and the end result will be rewarding.”

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