June 4, 2019

Janice Partridge DICE ( Disability Inclusion In Community Education)A few years ago Janice attended a DICE Beginners ICT course, at this time she felt nervous, lacking in confidence and had little self-belief in her ability to achieve.

She successfully gained several accreditation awards within DICE and soon progressed onto the Learning for Work programme. As Janice become more confident she wanted to “give something back” and help others with a similar learning difficulty to succeed.

Janice volunteered within the DICE programme she first joined. She then became an active member of Cardiff People First, a self-advocacy organisation run by and for people with a learning disability in Cardiff. She soon became the secretary for Cardiff People First and was subsequently voted as the representative at All Wales People First National Council.

This year she was the proud owner of the #IAMEMBOLDEN amazing in any other way award. Along with her success Janice has developed an active social life and regularly meets with friends, who too, were once isolated. Janice encourages others to live their life as she is doing and has become a true inspiration to others.

Janice commented “You would not recognise me now. I live independently have a great social life. I will continue learning because who knows what I might achieve next”

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