June 4, 2019

Daxa - Narane Learner, local Inspire Award winner

Daxa Narane moved to Cardiff from India with her two daughters to support them as a single mother. She was positive and confident. She wanted to bring a change to her own life by progressing further through getting educated. She joined a Basic Literacy course run by Cathays High School and a reading group. She then enrolled onto ESOL courses and achieved an Entry 1 qualification. This achievement motivated her to study further and in the past year she attended Confidence Building, Digital Productivity and Childcare courses, all provided by Adult Community Learning (ACL).

Outside ACL, she managed to complete a food hygiene course (level 2) and attend English Conversation club in Cardiff Metropolitan University. She has gained confidence to apply for jobs in Cardiff businesses.  She also aims to work in schools, either in catering or as teaching assistant. She is multilingual in English, Hindi and Gujrati, which would definitely help her achieve her dreams.  She is willing and determined to be successful in life and feels that in the process of achieving the skills she had been lacking though the courses she has attended.

Her life in India was very different from what she is experiencing now. She never thought that she would study again or be able to get a job and feel confident and independent. She is a different woman now, who volunteers in the community by assisting elderly Asian women, who need help. She is determined to be successful in life.

She wants to be the same as others within this new community, to make a place for herself in this society, where she can be sharing the same future even though she had a different past.

For her courage, perseverance, enthusiasm, hard work, but also fun with learning, Daxa has won a local Inspire Award.

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